About us

Founded in 2004 by Harald and Gro Gundersen the primary purpose for Scopos was to produce 180 degree seamless films for the marketing and tourist industry. Since then the company has grown into becoming a technology company which through the meaning of the name indicates our line of businesss "ideas that create solutions". 

Scopos' vision is to tailor practical solutions to customer challenges based on our ideas and compentence within the use of camera and optics technology combined with tailored software solutions. Video images transfers into relevant documentation, databases or models for as-built documentations, quality control, automation, simulations, training and structural analysis and assessments.

Our knowledge of film and optics technology through more than 20 years, form the basis of our technology and how we develop our products.

Scopos wants to break barriers and question established truths. The company combines it's own competence with a network of key highly qualified partners within different areas of expertise.

Based in the south-western part of Norway, Scopos is well positioned to reach the primary market segments, the Oil-and gas industry and marketing/tourism.



The company offers three main products. The common denominator is the use of camera optics technology combined with software solutions.

The Investigator is a non-contact, real-time measurement tool. The custom designed tool enables digitized measurements in 3D. It provides the subsea-, offshore- and surveillance/security industry with a product enabling real-time data and documentation for instant assessment and educated decisions.

Automatically calibrated and stitched 180 degree panorama film production. We carry out all aspects of the movie making process, from script to presentation.

Integrated operation room multi-screen solution. This system enables operation of several applications/sources, herunder panorama 180 degree film, from one common Man-Machine-Interface using the same principle as operating multiple programs within windows.